BRING OUT THE BANSHEEThe thing about getting older is that you have more to reference. I love a lot of TV shows. I love most of the homegrown drama that New Zealand writers and actors produce and I love some of the shows that come out of the US. I think that writers around the globe are hitting their straps in the way they are deciphering us all now. And re-deciphering us in the past. I love to get lost in the pureness of it all, still the 6 year old unsure of whether to love The Virginian all raven haired and red-shirt’d or Trampass, puffy cloud of blond hair and blue shirt pressing his chest. Luke SkyWalker v Hans Solo, Superman or Lois Lane…….

So it is with dismay that I have to identify a dud flavor in the licorice allsorts bag. Banshee is now airing it’s second season and I am remembering that I decided not to watch it at the end of the first. All the ingredients are there, including the dizzying pleasure of watching one of NZ’s fine actors handle a starring role in an American show, but the flavour sucks like potato flavoured chocolate. The script is as incomprehensible as one of those dreams you wake from, turn to your love and say “I had this dream and you were in it. Or it was kind of you and we were in a place all kind of..and it was really weird!” Oh, amazing dream.

The flow of the action and acting is lumpy, as if the tape is running fast and then suddenly slow. The sex is – everywhere, dripping, all sweet and bloody. But worst of all is that you get the feeling that everyone is too aware they are acting. This is the action scene – all terrible shots by the way, hundreds of bullets, no one dies – ; this is the love scene; this is the light relief etc etc. And it’s like their eyes have been botoxed, the pupil frozen open so we can see the thoughts (about acting) in the back of their minds.

I’m sorry, I left my softer side on holiday. Today I’m being honest. Today I write a disclaimer that the views expressed in this column are mine and mine alone, and I will deliberately look for something to rave with delight about soon. Generally speaking I LOVE your work.