About me

I am a woman. I am 50. I have 5 children, I have had breast cancer.  Scrap that……I am interested in the next 50 years. All of the potential, all of the obstacles and joining the dots in between. I am a musician, I will be a grandmother, I write, I drink wine on special occasions (because I have to be sensible). When I am 70 I will drink wine every day.

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Wow…what an amazing blog! I will need to revisit soon? From what I have tad so far you seem to have a brilliant attitude and sense of fun?
    Thanks a million for taking the time to follow me in my blog and here’s to future times.
    I love positive and inspiring people like yourself who have such beautiful spirits!
    Look after yourself my friend
    Warm Regards


    • Thank you Bob, it’s just amazing to dip my toe into this incredible creative world! I am trying to make more time for my blog – and to look at all the other windows into other world’s, other ways of seeing through someone other’s eyes. I really enjoy you sharing your world too!.


  2. I read a comment on a separate blog just now that made me feel the exact same way you do, and I had to dip into your blog. I see all of these bloggers trying to commercialize the whole art of writing and blogging. I really appreciated what you said as I’ve just started mine and keep getting hounded by these guys with follows. It’s nice to see but at the same time I know it’s not real. I will definitely be dropping in to check out your future blogs because I enjoy ready real people, real writing, and real stories that will bring a better outlook on life. Appreciate people like you!


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